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This is a yoga anatomy book for yoga practitioners, whether teachers or students and irrespective of style. It is about the doing of yoga, not abstract theory. Stu’s focus throughout the book is on providing useful insights into what influences movement, and stability in the human body, and the implementation of those ideas into a physical yoga practice. Many students can be put off the subject of yoga anatomy because in the wrong hands it can be dry and hard to relate to, but that won’t happen here. Drawing from his many years of teaching yoga anatomy in studios around the world, Stu has managed to determine the most relevant information and the best way to present it. His relaxed style and emphasis on useability make the book engaging and enlightening.

All of the concepts are brought to life by the fantastic illustrator Bug, who conjures up a visual feast that combines detail where needed with plenty of humour to enhance the reading and learning experience. The book is crammed with illustrations, providing visually stimulating concepts, and many practical exercises to help transition from the page to the body. If you are looking for a yoga anatomy book that helps you incorporate anatomical principles into the way you perform yoga postures, increase flexibility and build strength, then this one will definitely deliver.


This is a book full of colour images so it is best viewed on a tablet or larger. If all you have is a phone or black and white reader it would be better to order the physical book.

The book can be ordered from the digital vendors below, such as iTunes, Kindle and Google Play Books as well as many other ebook outlets. The price will vary depending on local taxes and currency exchange rate.

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Illustrated Yoga Anatomy Ebook Version

This is the digital version of the long-awaited Illustrated Yoga Anatomy book, that aims to make usable yoga anatomy accessible to everyone. The focus throughout the book is on presenting the knowledge within the context of the physical practice of yoga. Therefore one of the most used headings throughout the book is ‘Putting Things into Context’.

The book is broken down into five parts, Key Concepts, Body Bits, Posture Groups, Stu’s Model and the Appendix. Through this arrangement, you can determine the major joints involved in particular postures, what might influence the depth of posture achievable, risk factors, appropriate sequencing and sensible progressions. Primarily it is a book designed to provide implementable ideas in a fun and informative way. Because we appreciate that many students are visual learners, the book is crammed with illustrations to support the text. Yoga Anatomy is not some abstract subject, but central to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice. I think many of you will be happy to know we have added a large dollop of humour to help everything slide down.

Yoga Anatomy delivered in a digestible and relevant way.

Read more about it on the full page here.

If you have any queries on bulk orders for yoga teacher trainings and groups of friends you can contact Stu here.

It is now available as an ebook for most devices such as Apple, Kindle and Android. We will be adding to the number of distribution outlets as fast as we can get them uploaded.

What I am delighted about is that our ebook is really just a digital version of the book. I have been sorely disappointed myself many times when purchasing ebooks, only to find that they were disorganised and a miserable reproduction of the physical product. Not so with ours! We have produced a fixed layout EPUB so everything maintains its relative position and readability.


This is a book full of colour images so it is best viewed on a tablet or larger. If all you have is a phone or black and white reader it would be better to order the physical book.


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Illustrated Yoga Anatomy