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The great new yoga anatomy book for students and teachers.

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The fantastic new book for Stu & Bug, Illustrated Yoga Anatomy, aims to make usable yoga anatomy accessible to everyone. The focus throughout the book is on presenting the knowledge within the context of the physical practice of yoga. Therefore one of the most used headings throughout the book is ‘Putting Things into Context’.

The book is broken down into five parts, Key Concepts, Body Bits, Posture Groups, Stu’s Model and the Appendix. Through this arrangement, you can determine the major joints involved in particular postures, what might influence the depth of posture achievable, risk factors, appropriate sequencing and sensible progressions. Primarily it is a book designed to provide implementable ideas in a fun and informative way. Because we appreciate that many students are visual learners, the book is crammed with illustrations to support the text. Yoga Anatomy is not some abstract subject, but central to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice. I think many of you will be happy to know we have added a large dollop of humour to help everything slide down.

Yoga Anatomy presented in a digestible and relevant way.

Read more about it on the full page here.

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  1. Anna Kicinska (verified owner)

  2. Ulrika (verified owner)

    I love it. It’s beautiful! <3

  3. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I’m loving this book – so readable and easy to understand

  4. carolyn (verified owner)

    I loved this book – easy to understand some really important principles and apply to practice. And really emphasises that we are all have different bodies and should understand both the possibilities and our limits. Thank you

  5. John Bell (verified owner)

    Really kept easy an simple for a boy like me
    Thank you so much 😊

  6. Anais (verified owner)

  7. adriana I. (verified owner)

    Great book!

  8. Celine Callaghan (verified owner)

    I love this book, such a treat. So much clear, concise information. Helping me stay injury free and understand wher to go with my practice.

    This is no dull text book.
    Lovely illustrations that bring a smile.

    Thank you Stu and Bug

  9. Adam Penney (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the book such great methods to support my goals. Simply put into a context that helps me to apply in my practice.

  10. Ilse Bahnsen (verified owner)

    Amazing! I knew it would be great, but the level of clarity and in depth explanations blew my mind! Thankyou so much for this work!!!

  11. Evgeny (verified owner)

    Anatomy book that you are actually not afraid of opening! 🙂 Written in an easy-going, witty conversational style it creates a feeling of talking to an anatomy teacher-friend over coffee, without jeopardizing the depth and complexity of the subject. By the angle chosen to highlight different aspects of anatomy and movement you really feel that it was not only written by an anatomy expert but by a fellow practitioner, who understands exactly what is going on in the body through his own experience. Illustrations are spectacular, really powerful visualisations that convey many intricate aspects instantly (not like this review :). Thank you both, Stu and Bug for an awesome work on Yoga anatomy!

  12. Jenny Wilmarsgård (verified owner)

  13. YINGYI L. (verified owner)

  14. Jana Nazikidis (verified owner)

    Very understandable, with a lot of practical relevance and great drawings!

  15. Teresa Ray (verified owner)

    I have found this book very useful for many things regarding the body in yoga. The illustrations are lovely and it’s easy to find information relating to whatever you need to know more about. Its certainly a book I will keep coming back to.

  16. Ashley (verified owner)

    Assessible Anatomy with practical examples.

  17. Daniela Bufrem (verified owner)

    Love the book.

  18. Fiona R. (verified owner)

    Really well laid out and easy to comprehend, great book!

  19. Giulia Presutti (verified owner)

    It all looks so clear and also fun! Thank you so much for your work, will try to study every word and illustration of it!

  20. Anne (verified owner)

  21. Alana A. (verified owner)

    I love this book! It’s fun and seriously informative. My favorite way to study a subject I usually find difficult to learn about on paper.

  22. Eva (verified owner)

    Dear Bug and dear Stu,
    thank you very much for this well structured, funny and enlightening way into Yoga Anatomy. I received the book as a gift. That’s why Eva is kind of reviewing it twice. Best wishes, Susanne

  23. Biancamaria (verified owner)

  24. Stefan N. (verified owner)

    Great book! The structure of contents (Key concepts, Body bits etc) and the illustrations make everything clear and understandable to me as an Ashtanga practitioner. This book offers tons of new insights in anatomy and is really “putting things into context”. The illustrations point out very clearly the relevant anatomically parts, much better than I expected.

    Written and drawn with great expertise and a sense of humor which is a good combination. Makes a lot of fun to read. Thank you Bug and Stu for his great work.

    All best, Stefan (Germany)

  25. Laura Beckett (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this book so far! It’s so beautifully presented. The explanations are insanely brilliant and as a senior yoga teacher having read many yoga anatomy books- I am now recommending this to my students as a book to use as an after class study guide. For example the Posture Groups is insightful for anyone coming to yoga, and also for teachers to re-study and go over things within in asana practice that might have drifted and would be helpful in class for their students. Thanks very much for this work. Definitely one to have nearby and on hand for any yogi. Namaste

  26. Shonagh McDermott (verified owner)

    I’m a fledgling yoga teacher and this book is such an invaluable resource. Wonderful drawings to go with eloquent, logical, easy to understand wording, with lots of interesting information. I love it!! It should be on every teacher training as a go to book.

  27. Jack (verified owner)

    I’ve had a strong renewal in my interest in yoga recently, and when i tried to find out more about yoga anatomy Stu’s videos on youtube came up. I found him to be an excellent teacher and interviewer just in those short clips so ordering this book was a no-brainer. I’m only half way through now because it’s a serious tome of information, but i really like the way he’s structured it. You’re not overloaded with jargon and anatomy charts right up front. The first 1/4 or so is all key concepts laid out very intelligently and with short sidebar sections to keep things lively. This is the kind of textbook i wish i had for other areas of learning!

  28. Filipa (verified owner)

  29. Charlotte B. (verified owner)

    Fantastic book, would recommend everyone with a love of yoga to get this! ☺

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