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Customers in the UK can now save a bit if they are happy to receive a slightly damaged copy. Of course, it is lucky if a book sent through the post arrives in absolutely perfect condition but we are not going to send any out that don’t start that way. Hence we have a limited number of books that got damaged in transit to Canada and then landed up being returned due to customs issues. It is mostly just superficial damage to the spine, and on the corners, something that would probably happen anyway after you have lugged the book around in your rucksack a few times.

Same fantastic content just a little rough around the edges, much like a few of us around here 🙂

As this stock is in the UK, these slightly damaged copies are only available for delivery in the UK. 

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The fantastic new book for Stu & Bug, Illustrated Yoga Anatomy, aims to make usable yoga anatomy accessible to everyone. The focus throughout the book is on presenting the knowledge within the context of the physical practice of yoga. Therefore one of the most used headings throughout the book is ‘Putting Things into Context’.

The book is broken down into five parts, Key Concepts, Body Bits, Posture Groups, Stu’s Model and the Appendix. Through this arrangement, you can determine the major joints involved in particular postures, what might influence the depth of posture achievable, risk factors, appropriate sequencing and sensible progressions. Primarily it is a book designed to provide implementable ideas in a fun and informative way. Because we appreciate that many students are visual learners, the book is crammed with illustrations to support the text. Yoga Anatomy is not some abstract subject, but central to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice. I think many of you will be happy to know we have added a large dollop of humour to help everything slide down.

Yoga Anatomy delivered in a digestible and relevant way.

Read more about it on the full page here.

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Illustrated Yoga Anatomy